A1 Printing

The A1 size of 841mm x 594mm (33.1" x 23.4") is the most popular large format size.   When needing a larger document than will fit onto A4 it is A1 which is comfortable to handle yet large enough to include lots of content with easily read text size.

A1 Printing for the Construction Industry

Many building designs are drawn at a scale of 1:50 so the majority of buildings will fit onto A1 sized paper.  For construction plans Ezeeplan normally print monochrome (black & white) onto 80gsm paper (which is the same type of paper used for desktop printers) and send folded in an envelope to A4 size.  There are instances where a colour print is necessary, particularly where there are project stages denoted by different colours.   One of the issues when using paper drawings on construction sites is that they can rapidly deteriorate due to weather and damp conditions found in the early stages of construction like foundations, brickwork and plaster.  Ezeeplan offer A1 water resistant printing which overcomes many of issues.  The water resistant paper is vinyl backed so virtually impossible to tear whilst it will survive all but the wettest of conditions.

A1 Poster Printing

A1 is a very popular size for posters and fits into the standard A frame pavement poster display unit (called A frame because the two sides with middle support look like the letter A).   The A1 size is ideal for most posters which will be read only a few metres away.   It is the type of paper which is important for posters.  The very basic paper is 90gsm (just heavier than standard desktop printer paper) and is ideal for low key posters.  But if the poster is to impress or there is a lot of colour then the minimum recommended is coated 120gsm.  The printing process Ezeeplan use for A1 posters is a mixture of ink an dye so the coated paper reduces the ink soaking into the paper giving a clearer more vibrant appearance whilst the heavier 120gsm paper reduces the instances of paper wrinkling from the wet ink.  And if the poster is to be used outdoors we would recommend a water resistant paper which is vinyl backed therefore will not tear and will last for a minimum of six weeks outside in the open.  We tested an A1 Poster last winter and after three months outside it was still readable.

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