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High Quality Print Services

When printing your files we will always make sure that quality of the file provided is to a high enough standard to ensure you receive the best quality product at the end of the process.  We always check the files received and if there are any issues we will get in touch with you straight away.


The rule of thumb for images is simply the higher the dots per inch (dpi), the greater the resolution, the better the image will be, especially for print.  Most (but not all) professionally sourced images will be of a high resolution and ready for print.  If you are taking the pictures on a digital camera set it to its highest or best resolution setting.

It is best to supply the image sized to the required printed size.  So, for example, if you need your print 520mm x 360mm then ideally supply the image with these dimensions - and to the best quality (dpi) possible.

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You can complete our order form where files may be uploaded.

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Once received we will process you order, contacting you if we have any queries and emailing you with details of how to pay once your order is ready.

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